The Collection

The Collection is a Notion-based directory of 200+ free resources I’ve compiled over several years of working and building products. Resources you will find here comprise of tools, websites, articles, videos, podcasts, and files. 

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What's in The Collection?

Art & Illustration

A collection of free art resources. Here you will find free illustrations to use in your website, royalty-free pictures and video footage, places to find and connect with other creatives, find and create GIFs, create attractive presentation slides, and other really cool creativity tools.

Web Development

A collection of free resources ranging from creating quick mockups to finding hassle-free icons and fonts for your project. This collection of resources will help you build the best tech stack for web development. You can quickly patch up websites for quick product demos.


A collection of tools and articles to help you become a better writer. Writing is one of the most underrated skills in the world. If you can write well, you have a competitive advantage over others. You can negotiate higher pay in jobs, manage teams more effectively, and become a thought leader in your industry.

Tech Companies

A collection of blogs by the most renowned tech companies in the world. Here you can find about the company culture, stories, and experiences shared by employees, projects they are currently working on, technologies they are using and have open-sourced, and their vision for the future.

Design Studios

A collection of some of the best design studios in the world. Here you can find case studies of how they were able to cater to the best brands on the planet. You can explore the type of work they have done for different types of clients, in what manner and style, and get inspiration and ideas for your next project.


A collection of financial projection tools, budgeting rules, and frameworks, ideas to create passive income – articles, videos, podcasts to help you become more financially knowledgable and make smarter investments.

Computer Science

A collection of resources on Essential Mathematics, Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning, Data Structures, and Algorithms. These resources combined will help you fast-track your career in whatever CS field you choose.

Personal Favorites

A collection of some of my personal favorite articles/threads on topics ranging from psychology to productivity to finance that I have collected over the course of many years.

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