Projects on Notion

My favorite piece of software in recent memory has been Notion. Finding Notion was like finding a soul mate. Contrary to popular opinion, there is a perfect productivity tool. And the fewer tools you use, the better. This idea stems from the concept of a single source of truth. For a long time, I debated the idea of letting people enter the world I had created on the platform. But after having been immensely inspired by William Nutt, aNotioneer, Marie Poulin, Valentin Perez, Termirlan, and others alike, I decided to let some of my Notion projects public and let others in on my journey. Most of the projects here can be viewed for FREE. The most exclusive ones that took years to build are behind a tiny paywall for lifetime access.

WFH Manual

I turned resources compiled by Sharath Kuruganty into a Notion database for ease of accessibility and faster load. The database contains resources, tips, and practices to help you transition better to the WFH mindset.

Meeting Scheduler

I designed a Meeting Scheduler with the combination Calendar integration & Multi-select option in Notion. Meeting Scheduler can be used to schedule meetings, check team members’ availability, define weekly, monthly, & quarterly goals, set venue and timing for meetings, attach meeting notes, etc. 

Book Notes

When it comes to books, there are two things you should know about me. I take notes when I read and I am very particular about what books I read. Here’s a list of books I am reading this year, along with notes. Initially, notes are mostly snippets. But then I craft them into my own words to internalize knowledge into my psyche.


I have been binge-watching TV shows and documentaries since 2008, from end to end. From the solitary confinements of Panamanian jails to desolate mills in Bombay, from the sealed vaults of the Royal Mint of Spain to roaring gladiator arenas in the Roman Republic, from fighting fourth-dimensional behemoths to escaping the cold grips of White Walkers, I have lived it all. One digital screen, infinite worlds. This was my escape.


I have designed this database of movies to track movies I have watched, movies I want to watch because it has either been recommended to me by somebody or is the new talk of the town, and do it so in a way that I can come back to it and find exactly what I am looking for. It’s still a work in progress because I’ve watched over a thousand movies in my life. 

The Collection

The Collection is a Notion-based directory of 200+ free resources I’ve compiled over several years of working and building products. Resources you will find here comprise of tools, websites, articles, videos, podcasts, and files. 

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