For years, I have been collecting and curating interior designs and everything architecture-related for inspiration. Eventually, it turned into this. I am sharing this hoping it might spark creativity in some of you. 

I make Python programming tutorials on Web-Scraping, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Automated Systems as my way of giving back to the amazing Dev community. 

Notion is my favorite productivity app. I spent an awful lot of time tinkering with relational databases. Here are some projects I made public for everyone to use and benefit from. 

I amuse myself with amateurish photography when I suddenly get to go somewhere nice. Someday I would like to wear a camera, wander the streets of a foreign town, and click photographs. 

My working space is my temple. A clean, well-designed workspace not only enhances your productivity but also makes you look forward to coming back to it the next day. Clutter impedes clarity of thought and action. 

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