Amitabha Dey

Hi, I am Amit. I am a programmer, writer, & an avid consumer of pop-culture. I love to learn about the complexities of the world and turn them into simple words. I build products to help people perform at their best.

The Collection, a Notion-based directory of 200+ free resources.

Visualizing 2020 through data viz tweets prepared by talented Earthians throughout the year.

Writing helps me think clearly. I am trying to make sense of the world one article at a time. 

✒️ Articles

I roll out a weekly newsletter packed with amazing resources and articles I’ve read all week.

📮 On Today’s Newsletter

Trying to map all aspects of being on Notion. Here are a few projects I’ve made public.

📦 Projects on Notion

I make Python Programming Tutorials as a small token of appreciation for the dev community.

👨‍💻 Programming Tutorials

I amuse myself with amateurish photography when, out of the blue, I get to go somewhere nice.

📷 Photography

For years, I have been collecting interior designs for inspiration. Eventually, it turned into this.

📐 Interior Designs

I make notes when I watch tech setup videos in an effort to keep up with the latest tech.

💻 Tech

Music is said to enhance productivity. I have separate playlists for different moods.

🎵 Music

With all this screen time, it’s a miracle that I’ve managed to maintain a borderline social life.

🤝 Social

Archived conversations and talks that have inspired me immensely. Adding something every week.

💡 Conversations & Talks

For visual inspirations, Pinterest is my go-to. When boards become rich with pins, I share them here.

🎨 Boards

Trying to follow the stock market and build mathematical financial models. Work in progress.

📈 Market Analysis

Somebody told me a website should have a résumé somewhere for people trying to scout you.

👨🏽‍🎓 Résumé

Books I am reading this year. I take notes when I read. They are mostly snippets atm.

📚 Book Notes

The human mind thinks in stories and religion is arguably the most powerful story we ever created. 


“The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but how it thinks.”

🧠 No God

There are many different things on this site because in the better words of Robert A. Heinlein, Specialization is for insects.”

I am obsessed with building systems and do quirky stuff all the time. I am an optimistic nihilist. By the time I am done with life, I will have uploaded myself. I am not dying, folks. 

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