Amitabha Dey

Hey, I am Amit. Welcome to my humble abode!

I am an engineer, writer, and an avid consumer of documentaries. I love to understand the complexities of the universe we inhabit and find a way to make them more accessible. Building products to help people perform at their best is my passion. I created The Collection, a Notion-based directory of 200+ free resources and Visualizing 2020 to look at this remarkable year through visualizations. This website houses all my ideas, interests, experiences, and learnings. Feel free to explore at your own pace and time.

I am obsessed with building systems and do quirky stuff all the time. By the time I am done with life, hopefully, I will have uploaded myself here – very difficult as anything worth doing should be.  I will share my life experiences and my journey of building a career in tech so sign up for the newsletter if you’re interested. Get in touch if you find anything on this website interesting. 

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