10 years, 24 shows

I have been binge-watching TV series for the last 10 years, from end to end. The word "binge-watch" itself was coined back some 8 years ago. Surely it feels like an eternity. I hope I will be excused for sharing this little personal anecdote, for this piece is very much a personal journey. From the solitary confinements of a Panamanian jail to desolate mills in Bombay, from the sealed vaults of the Royal Mint of Spain to roaring gladiator arenas in the Roman Republic, from fighting fourth dimensional behemoths to escaping the cold grips of White Walkers, I have lived it all. One digital screen, infinite worlds. This was my escape.

Prison Break
The Sopranos
Game of Thrones
South Park
La Casa De Papel
House of Cards
Black Mirror
Rick and Morty
TVF Pitchers
The Girlfriend Experience
The IT Crowd
The Big Bang Theory
Breaking Bad
Better Call Saul
Sacred Games
Stranger Things
Sulemani Keeda