IELTS Writing Task 1 - Maps

The images show the changes on an island by building amenities for possible vacationers.

Overall, the island changed rapidly, as before development, the island was empty, with a beach and scattered palm trees. After the island had been developed, there were many new buildings, roads and a pier added, in order to attract tourists.

At first, the island was roughly 250 meters wide with a small beach located in the west. There were also areas for vegetation that were scattered around the area. Over a period of time, many facilities were constructed to make it more appealing to tourists. The accommodation units were built just beside the beach area and also in the middle section of the island. There were also footpaths constructed to help people to navigate the island smoothly.

After further development, tourists could swim at the beach located in the west of the island. A restaurant was built in the north of the island and just below a reception area was added. There are also vehicle tracks that connect both facilities. A pier was also constructed in the southern part of the island where sailboats can moor. Lastly, the eastern part of the island was not developed.

Word count - 200 / Band score 8

The pictures describe the proposal to convert Foster road between SE 84TH and 85TH Avenue.

Overall, the road will be changed rapidly by the installation of different safety structures. The street at present has a small footpath on both sides and there are no trees. After the proposed development, there would be modifications that convert the street into a safer place for pedestrians.

Firstly, at present, the street has one main road, with street-lights and narrow walkways. If the street is developed, it will have a pedestrian crossing located in the southern part of the street near the gas station, which will include an island in the middle of the street, for safety.

Secondly, wider sidewalks would be implemented and a bicycle lane that will encourage the people to ride their bicycles rather than drive their vehicles. Lastly, they propose to plant several trees along the sides of the two streets that will provide shade for the people as well as offer cleaner air for all.

Word count - 166 / Band score 8

The map illustrates the two possible locations for a planned supermarket in the town of Garlsdon.

Overall, there were two prospective areas that were being considered for the construction of a supermarket intended for the 65,000 people of Garlsdon.

On the one hand, the first location is in the north-west part of the town just about 12 km to Hindon which has 10,000 residents. The said area is in the middle of the main road and the railway respectively. In addition, there are industrial factories located at the opposite side of the road going to Hindon.

On the other hand, the second site is situated in the town centre, which is a no traffic zone. This is between 16 km to Bransdon with a population of 15,000 and 25 km to Cransdon with a total of 29,000 inhabitants. The first location would be better for a large supermarket, as it has direct road and railway access, the second site is in the centre of the town, which has been labelled as a no traffic zone, this could make it difficult for shoppers to access.

Word count - 184 / Band score 8

The picture illustrates the noticeable changes that happened to an American town from 1948 and 2010.

Overall, there are slight changes that happened in the town within the 62 years as some structures were removed, while there are many establishments that had been added.

On the one hand, in the year 1948, the town was surrounded by trees while residential houses can be seen from the west and east of the town. The local supermarket is situated in the west area and the church is located in the south near to the canal, while there are established factories that can be seen in the northeast region.

On the other hand, after 62 years, some of the residential areas were replaced by commercial buildings. The church was also removed and as a replacement, a sports stadium was created. In addition, a local airport was also established in the area where the factories were once found.  The canal was left untouched whereas, the supermarket was relocated to the area where once a small park was located.

Word count - 174 / Band score 8

The map illustrates plans for two possible sites for a shopping mall in the city of Brandfield. It can be seen that the two sites under consideration are in the north and the south east of the town.

The first possible site for the shopping mall, S1, is just north of the city centre, above the railway line, which runs from the south east of the city to the north west. If it is built here, it will be next to a large housing estate, thus providing easy access for those living on the estate and in the city centre. It will also be next to the river, which runs through the town.

The site in the south east, S2, is again just by the railway line and fairly close to the city centre, but it is near to an industrial estate rather than housing.

There is a main road that runs through the city and is close to both sites, thus providing good road access to either location. A large golf course and park in the west of the town prevents this area from being available as a site.

Word count - 190

Both maps display an island, before and after it was developed for tourism.

The island is approximately 250 metres long, has palm trees dotted around it, is surrounded by ocean and has a beach to the west. Over the period, the island was completely transformed with the addition of a hotel and a pier; however, the eastern part of the island appears to have been left undeveloped.

The most noticeable additions are the hotel rooms. 6 buildings, surrounding some trees, have been built in the west of the island and 9 buildings have been constructed in the centre of the island. Between the two accommodation areas, a reception building and a restaurant have been developed.

A pier has also been built on the south coast of the island, allowing yachts access to the resort. Apart from the trees, the beach remains the only natural feature to remain relatively untouched; however, it does appear that it is now used for swimming.

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The maps illustrate how Meadowside village and Fonton, which is a neighbouring town, have developed over three different time periods (1962, 1985 and the present).

Overall, Meadowside village increased in size and has become Meadowside Suburb as it merged together with Fonton. Furthermore, there have been significant changes in infrastructure, housing and facilities over the period given.

In 1962, both Meadowside and Fonton were completely separate with no roads or rail connecting them. While Fonton had a railway line running through it to the north, Meadowside, located to the west of Fonton, only had a small road from the west.

By 1985, there was a considerable growth in the size of Meadowside village and Fonton. The small road in Meadowside village had been converted into a main road and was also extended to the east to connect with Fonton. Meadowside, moreover, had also developed a housing estate in the west, a leisure complex and a supermarket in the south.

Currently, both Meadowside, which is now a suburb, and Fonton are joined. The railway line, which runs through Fonton, has been extended to the west where a train station has been built. To the north of the station, a hotel has been constructed and opposite the station, to the south, there is now a business park.

The two maps illustrate the main changes which have taken place in the town of Denham from 1986 to the present.

Overall, the town has most notably shown an increase in housing development, which indicates a higher population and a move away from agriculture and farming.

One change that stands out is that there has been a significant redevelopment over the whole period of what was once farmland. Housing now dominates the area to the east of the river stoke. In 1986 there were shops and just a handful of residential properties. Now there are no shops nor farmland left, although the post office is still there. The bridge over the river stoke still stands as it did in 1986.

Another noticeable change is that there have been more roads built around the housing complex. Additionally, the gardens, that were a feature in 1986, have been removed and the large houses were expanded and converted into a retirement home. The primary school still stands and has been extended in the decades since. The fence toward the river that was running north of the gardens in 1986 is no longer there.

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